23 July 2010

Summer School is OVER!!!

Final Grade = 93%
(and I tied for the high score on the final!)

This morning I completed my last organic chemistry lab (with enolates) and this afternoon I took my last organic lab exam. It hasn't fully sunk in yet, but it is a bittersweet victory. I will not take another organic chemistry course until I am in grad school, and that may be too distant. I thoroughly enjoyed learning as much as they could throw at me (some stuck), and I hope I have similar feelings for my upcoming sequences.

I'll be taking:
Inorganic Chem this fall, with Adv Inorganic & Synthesis in the spring
Biochemistry I this fall, with Biochem II in the spring

I think the two-semester back-to-back course was one of the reasons I loved organic so much, and hopefully this rings to be somewhat true with the other chemical disciplines...


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  1. Great job! I never knew what a genius you are!