27 July 2010

I got an iPhone!!!

I love my new phone so very much. I'm not sure why I didn't get one sooner. Oh, yeah, too expensive!! I became eligible for an upgrade, and they had an instant rebate that made the phone, and a cute case on clearance (that almost perfectly matches the green color of my netbook) for$150! Hello!

My mom is becoming irritated with how much of my three scholarships I have already spent (ahem, that I won't receive til the fall term begins...) but my netbook is ridiculously s . l . o . w, and with all the emails and social networking I have been doing all day everyday (I'm strangely so very busy), that I NEEDED a smart phone badly. :-)

I'm so HAPPY! :-D

A friend of mine gave me a visual through text about a happy moment he was having, and related it to the Snoopy dance. I do believe I will steal this analogy and apply it to myself.

Snoopy Dance Pictures, Images and Photos

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