14 July 2010

Jumping on this bandwagon...

I'd like to think I will add to this at least weekly, but we shall see. When I took a poetry class this past semester, I often found myself thinking in prose. Will ideas come to me in blog? haha

I guess my reasons for this blog adventure stem from my <3 for many many things that I find beautiful in my world. When I accidentally get a glimpse of the new moon, with its menacing Cheshire cat smile, I must tell the world to "Look at the moon!" If there appears to be a gigantic gargoyle looming in the clouds, waiting for just the right gust of wind to transform it in into a beautiful unicorn, then I'd like to have others look up and share my excitement for the organized chaos of suspended water vapor.

This could be how this blog goes, but I will definitely share my newest favorite recipes, new (and old) fantastic musical treasures, and perhaps a few pics here and there of my beautiful son, Zuben.

Happy blogging to you too, and I might possibly have something more for you to read very soon.


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