12 September 2011

Final College Semester: 1 Amy: 0 ?

To earn my Minor in Biology from Missouri State, I have to take 6+ of my biology credits from MSU. Unfortunately, I can't claim the intro bio course I took here 13 years ago, so I had to add one more bio course to my already full schedule. I was currently enrolled in a 4 credit Genetics course, so the wise choice would have been to add a 2 credit special topics lecture course, but I'm apparently quite silly and chose a 4 credit lecture / lab to learn about Limnology. The knowledge I will acquire from this class is fully applicable to my potential future career with The City's Clean Water Services, so it will be extremely beneficial, but goodness...

With a course list comprised of Genetics, Limnology, Advanced Instrumental Analysis, Environmental Chemistry and Chemistry Careers, I have 5 lecture courses and 3 labs, which will equate to a very busy semester, which will all come to an end in 95 days.

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