07 July 2011

The beginning of a bountiful harvest

It's officially Summer!!!

... and our Yellow Squash plants are quite prolific, as they always seem to be. In about a month I will most certainly be sick of looking at them, covering all together too much surface area in the kitchen, but for now, let the cooking begin!

We had a few lovely and fun li'l clouds pass through over the weekend, which showered us with much needed rain, but also left us taking cover from the 1+" diameter balls of ice. Our poor garden was not so fortunate, and received many hard blows, resulting in shredded leaves, as with my once beautiful Chard, or source point dimples, like the fragile, thin-skinned Summer Squashes. Since these delicate fruits decay rapidly anyway, none of the local produce shops wish to attempt to sell them for us. :-(

but my co-workers won't mind since they're now free... :)

From the site: http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-products/2632/2 you can see for yourself how nutritious these golden summer goodies are for you, and occasionally check back for my personal recipes. :-)

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