29 December 2010

The Day House

Well, to state mildly, that was a rough semester! I managed to survive, but am now quite mentally deranged and somewhat unstable. There were quite a few bumps, snags, and forks along my path, and so far no thoughts of u-turns. A few highlighted moments include:
  • Blew-up a vacuum apparatus in my research lab
  • Attended THE energy conference for the planet, with speakers from Harvard, MIT, Berkley, Rice, Japan and others, including the Nobel Prize winners
  • I attempted to find time to study really hard shit for more than one class within one semester for the first time since I became a mother
  • Zuben turned 4!!!
  • I dropped out of Grad School
  • I decided I do not want to be a chemist at this time, but perhaps later
  • I can no longer move back to Seattle when I graduate college
With so many things constantly going through my head, I decided to add a few more just for... fun?

To attempt to find more about me, away from all things already mentioned, I started to explore Springfield, alone. I grew up here, but I didn't live here for most of my 20's, and so many things are new and different than they once were. I found a cozy spot with Mudhouse awhile ago, and I just ventured somewhat radially from there, to seek and discover the unknown.

Reminiscent of my neighborhoods in Seattle, I went alone to wherever there was live music, of any genre. There is something very intimate and unspoken that occurs when a person plays music well; and when they're still new and slightly unfamiliar with all facets of their chosen instruments, it can still be a very enjoyable experience to see and hear them try their best.

I don't really like to speak with others that I'm not familiar with (stranger-danger), but over a few months, I have become accustomed to a few peoples' presence... Unfortunately, Downtown Springfield is not a busy spot like it could, should, and eventually will be. Most of the places I gravitated to were mostly filled with college kids, like me, possibly attempting to unwind, like me, but also somewhat new to going out and drinking because their barely in their 20s, unlike me. I abruptly discovered a flaw in this picture. That story ends for now.

A few people that I have been benignly chatting with along my bumpy journey have inspired many wonderful thoughts and ideas for how I should be spending my time, and quite a few are leading me cautiously toward a possible lifestyle for me and Zuby when I graduate in 12 months. I've had quite a few lunch meetings with friends and new acquaintances pertaining to me opening a cafe Downtown. The location was an easy decision, and I have also very easily visualized many of the broad and specific details:
  • All local ingredients.
  • Seasonally-driven daily dynamic menu.
  • Soups, quiche, salads, sandwiches, simple.
  • Muffins, and other such things that compliment the flavors found in coffee.
  • Locally roasted coffee beans (can't grow them locally!!!)
  • Locally microbrewed beers
  • Local wines (Missouri is a great place to grow grapes!)
  • Bookshelves everywhere stocked with used books (for sale or trade), with a Reference area for textbooks and such.
  • All mugs and plates made by local crafters.
  • Rotating local art.
  • Light-fixtures made by local artists, and available for purchase.
  • Sturdy wooden tables and chairs made locally from local timber (or bought used).
  • HUGE comfy chairs and couches bought used and reupholstered to my liking.
  • Open Monday-Saturday, with Sundays by reservation only.
  • Food served til 6pm.
  • Coffee & pastries served til 10pm.
  • No smoothies. Go to Mudhouse.
  • No paninis. They produce a certain aroma that I don't find pleasing that lingers within other establishments.
  • No meat. I don't eat it, so I definitely shouldn't cook it. (If the business partner that I have in mind joins me, then she can provide this portion of the menu.)
  • No fake meat. I don't eat it, and you shouldn't either.
  • No tofu. I don't eat it, and you shouldn't either.
  • Indoor and outdoor seating available.
  • Weekly book clubs.
  • Live acoustic, chill jazz, blues, and all other realms of casual local music.
  • Poetry readings and such with regularly scheduled open-mic nights.
I have so many ideas and they just keep coming, until hopefully all the jigsaw pieces fall into place...

The big problem that I need to work through is, who will pay for this? I'm not certain that only one person (other than me) could pay for it all, so I'm seeking silent partners...

Also, if possible, I would like this to operate as a nonprofit. I would like my Board of Directors to be the other nonprofits from the Downtown Springfield area, and they would earmark the profits for helping to revitalize the area as needed.

The Day House will open its doors 369 days from today, and I certainly have a lot to do in the meanwhile...http://www.dnr.mo.gov/shpo/nps-nr/76001110.pdf

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